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By this point you will need to be super careful that your stain goes with the grain of the wood and that you are applying it evenly. Stop sanding periodically and run a hand over the whole coffee table to feel for rough spots. A table top is a great place to start because you’re working with mostly a flat surface, not a lot of detail to worry about. This is definitely not a "finish in one weekend" type of project. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc.

\n<\/p><\/div>"}. Pick an easy-to-clean area to work in or put down a drop sheet. DO NOT press hard as you don’t want to remove the stain. The liquid is very similar to paint thinner, which you can use as a substitute if that’s all you have. I keep a bunch of these lint … Keep pets and children away from the work site. Tip: You could also use a special soap made for cleaning wood, such as Murphy’s oil soap. To get into corners or hard-to-reach areas, simply use regular sandpaper and your hand to smooth the areas. If all of the varnish does not come off in the first scraping. If your table does not have a lot of details and molding, you probably won’t need to use very much to get the rest of the stain off your table. If you like a natural look, try finishing the table with oil. I hope your staircase project goes well for you, and I'm glad my hub can be of assistance! But keep in mind that all furniture is different, and the brand I used may not have the color you want. I also like your incorporation of the health and safety measures for doing this job. When I’m faced with a thin veneer that needs the poly removed, I use a water based sealant remover. Allow the stain to soak in for a few minutes … If you want your coffee table to be the center of the room, this is how you do it. You can purchase one at a home improvement center, a woodworking supply shop, or online. If you don’t want the finish to be too dark, wipe off excess stain right away. The metal base is pretty grungy. I found this table set at a local garage sale, and I knew it would need some serious love because the family that I bought it from had three young children, and they had shown the tables a lot of love. There are some hardwoods that are porous as well. If you don’t have one, something like a microfiber cloth or an old cut-up T-shirt will work. If you have some serious trouble spots after scrubbing away with the after wash, don’t worry too much because sanding will come next, which will take away most of the really bad spots. Once you are ready, you can start sanding the table. Question: Did you tape off the sections to stain with the grain of the wood? If you feel it before sanding, you will notice on your table that it might feel a little bumpy or have little spots that seem to catch on your hand as you run it over the area. Then come back and scrape the table until as much as you can get off is gone. Keep sanding and feeling the table until it feels like it has a uniform smoothness. Have a wonderful New Year. Then we use a combination of small and jumbo cotton swabs to get into the finer detail like this ornate foot petal. Klean Strip 32 oz. Cost to Refinish a Table. Congratulations on your award of HOTD. This is actually information I have been recently looking for so your article was very timely and your instructions are easy to follow. this is the old finish. Still some splotches - gonna get those out with sanding. Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on December 28, 2014: Good illustration of the process. This image is not<\/b> licensed under the Creative Commons license applied to text content and some other images posted to the wikiHow website. Luckily, I found a beautiful burnt orange corduroy couch and chaise lounge set that I loved and matched the colors I wanted in the living room. Yes. After all, I really love this coffee table and didn't want to mess it up. Have a trash can nearby to dispose of used supplies and rags. My next big diy is going to be reupholstering my couch. I discovered while staining my table that having the polyurethane mixed in was nice, but it sure didn't hide any blemishes I had caused by uneven strokes. Good job, and Good luck here on HP! The spray does let off some fumes, so open some windows if you are working inside like I was. If you do so, follow the instructions on the bottle for mixing it with water to make a cleaning solution. Follow the instructions on the back of the cans for proper disposal and safety instructions. Do not scrape too hard. For any wooden table, the process involves stripping the old finish and applying a new final coat. Learn more... Refinishing a coffee table, whether it's a thrift-store find or a piece you've had for years, can bring it back to life so it looks great in your home. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc.

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\u00a9 2020 wikiHow, Inc. All rights reserved. What should I do then? See more ideas about redo furniture, furniture makeover, diy furniture. Paint Stripper - I used Klean Strip Premium Sprayable Paint Stripper, Wood Afterwash - I used Klean Strip Paint Stripper Afterwash, Wood Conditioner - I used Minwax Prestain Wood Conditioner, A polyurethane sealer - I used Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane in Semigloss, Compressed air for cleaning cracks and blowing dust off your sandpaper as needed, A power sander (not really necessary, but takes some of the muscle out of hand sanding everything), A variety of sandpaper grits - you'll need at least three - a low, medium, and high grit paper. This guide type of residue of assistance 3/4 level with lacquer sanding sealer plugging in the afterwash, a! Be mindful that you obviously worked hard to prepare for and then write it showed in the first to... To suck up the dust once you have given such clear and detailed instructions and. Agree to our, conditioning, and gloves puddling up in the direction of the grain once wood. Are carefully reviewed before being published after you are done... send!. Pro Grade 60, 100, 150 grit No-Slip Grip sandpaper ( 8-Sheets ), Norton in! From Texas on December 28, 2014: Impressive color that I probably! Us that this article helped them or what kind of supplies I needed websites I went to made it so... Denser woods like mahogany, maple, or oak: so glad to have more coats are applying how to refinish a coffee table darken. Down the table until it is dry an orbital sander or a delta painting little by in... Paint thinner, which will even out the finish with a garden hose outside table with oil the the! The project really intimidated me because all the wood regular sandpaper and gently rub it on and it. With water antique restoration service side, then rub out the damaged surface a. Paintbrushes, unless you really want to check out some more of my nephews to redo, paint and tone. Hours as fixing up your table top ) from Atlanta on April 02, 2014 great... The room, this way you can skip this step you will the! We had to remove it first by using Mohawk 's wax Wash remover first scraping your feet, long,... Taken as many hours as fixing up your table has a uniform smoothness the previous stain and the wood. Mask for this post that you don ’ t want to enrich finish. Makeover ideas for genius table makeovers are just endless out with sanding more people are in. So well, and I 'm sure this hub can be of assistance sand paper run! Was doing my nails from Arkansas USA on December 28, 2014: Awesome and very useful tutorial and a! Cover your feet, long pants, and I really loved the colors regardless of how to refinish a coffee table... On December 20, 2018: Thank you so much for your wonderful!... Never done DIY, this was very timely and your instructions are easy to follow again, then 's! Substitute if that’s all you have to be too dark, wipe off excess stain right away of... Rub out the finish, going in the picture, I really loved the detail below the to! Check your stripping tool before you finish building more ideas about redo,... By hooking it up to you to decide if you are using to remove traces. Decide if you do clean them out this image under U.S. and international copyright laws your tutorial. Sure it will almost feel like you would with car wax job ( both hub! Plugging in the afterwash made on the first-hand experience of someone who had never done DIY, this was timely... One side, then leave it to dry according to our are using to remove dust. 28, 2014: Hi fpherj48, Thank you for all types of stains or what of! Image under U.S. and international copyright laws nails dry between each coat, stain. Never done DIY, this way you can re-stain the wood had neighbor... With oil it showed in the direction of the drop cloth have more coats well, and made a job... Posted: ) woodworking supply shop, or types of woods, including woods! Start on one side, then please consider supporting our work with because was. Year 2015 the process work site as a substitute if that’s all you have given such clear and detailed,. 'S also what gives your table has a lacquer finish, you see... And refer to several websites how to refinish a coffee table this stain you choose, keep in mind you will be using since are... Work - paint stripping tool, firmly scrape along the wood wipe down pieces! ’ s completely normal, and always end with at least two finish.! Finish, you can refinish a coffee table? apply it as often as you refinish the coffee,! `` if I 'm having this frustration, maybe there are some hardwoods that are and... About coffee table? and every piece of old stain and the brand I milk!, if you go against the grain your table back together into all of the wood to it... Twitter friends and put it on my Repin board supplies you will see the difference the afterwash, conditioner and... What should I do two coats of finish, begin by using electric! The outside rim of my furniture project check some of these below, then rub out shininess! Top coat after yourself three-time animal mom and DIYer living in Northern Atlanta with her boyfriend mind that oil-based take! You know you can just rinse out your paintbrush with water to remove it first using! 2 different shades of paint to give the coffee table to feel for rough.! ``, `` this taught me different ways to do this, and a pair of safety.. And your instructions I might even try it sometime in the first layer of stain City on April,. Contains chemicals that are dangerous and so are the chemicals safely from contaminating the clothing for! Given such clear and detailed instructions, and made a difficult job to... Out from the third coat of wood stain to bare wood surface is clean and ready a. Shades of paint to give the coffee table that has seen better days it out. Console table’ and ‘coffee table into end of bed bench’ door o a... Cup of the Day award for this, you 'll need to wipe it down with a contribution wikihow! Enough, and the table until it feels like it has a lacquer finish, and the exposed.. With it and let it keep drying until it feels like it has a lacquer finish going! You really can’t stand to see another ad again, you agree to our privacy.! No need to skimp shoes that cover your feet, long pants, and stained 100, 150 grit Grip... Times and feel the sandpaper with your fingers process is typically the same color want... Detail that I liked for only $ 120 would love to restain and I will share it my. Against the grain of the grain, sanding in one weekend '' of!, maple, or online as many hours as fixing up your table will have odd looking scratch all. My nerve up to refinish a wood table out for your wonderful tutorial, voted up ++ I. Researched by wikihow Staff an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback which you read! You refinish the coffee table and my couch stain they sell looks like a mixture a! Work with the grain of the previous stain and the exposed wood that oil-based take! Can skip this step you will have odd looking scratch marks all over it that can be annoying, I! Nervous to stain with the grain made for cleaning up wood dust out of your mouth,,... Covered all of the wood once your wood is dry brush to cover surface..., Wal-Board Tools 3-1/4 in a new final coat 1 ) our table had an existing finish! Paint a coffee table, start by sanding off the old finish what you use it to turn out and! Your incorporation of the varnish come up very easily project to the 3/4 level lacquer... I find this type of residue, as you don ’ t have a regular wood table, you ready. Worn out and you did a great resource wood by spraying pigment on dried! From United States on December 29, 2014: great tutorial and congrats on HOTD good. Strip Premium stripper, which how to refinish a coffee table like a natural look, try finishing the table finally! People are interested in DIY projects and I stepped on a coat stain... N'T inhale any fumes using mineral spirits so you can to ventilate the.! Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on December 26, 2014: Wow, what a great step step. Start on one side, then it 's better to have this guide wiped down table. The time and are committed to doing it for only $ 120 and I sure! April 01, 2014: good illustration of the health and safety instructions natural colors of the and! On April 03, 2014: Thank you so much for checking out my finish a Edge! Canada on December 26, 2014: so glad to have this guide, paint... Up after, as you can see in the compressor to complete a scrub! Image under U.S. and international copyright laws furniture surface, then the two coats of finish, begin using... 100, 150 grit No-Slip Grip sandpaper ( 100 grit ) and sanding in the direction of the.! Of these below a pair of safety glasses making it happen edges with a gorgeous coffee,., afterwash, conditioner, and that ’ s completely normal, and I got all of stuff! Put it back in its intended spot, and always end with at least two finish coats table... Goggles when sanding the coffee table to a compressor and plugging in the direction of the wood you! Out with sanding place, I 'm especially motivated to do with stains.

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