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2. Negative Indices and Logarithms. Keeping a chart is just the first step, as being able to interpret the chart is an entirely different issue. In these conditions, the facts must interpret themselves, at any rate in the initial stages. Autistic children are unable to pick up on, and interpret, social cues. : "There is among us at the present time a sister who is endowed with the charismatic gift of revelations, which she suffers through ecstasy in the spirit during the Sunday service in church. But although English and foreign place-names are fairly numerous throughout Wales, yet the vast majority remain Celtic either in a pure or in a corrupted form, so that some knowledge of the Celtic language is essential to interpret their meaning. Amyot took great pains to find and interpret correctly the best authorities, but the interest of his books to-day lies in the style. interpret. Translations of the phrase DEM INTERPRETEN from german to english and examples of the use of "DEM INTERPRETEN" in a sentence with their translations: ...ganze Bewunderung und Dankbarkeit gilt dem Interpreten . CM 286170 I don't know how to interpret his words. It contains some great information that touches on the vague aspects of copyright law and how to interpret them. Uncertain how to interpret his quietness, she tried to figure out what to say. The latest extension of the word, proposed in the interests of philosophy or psychology, uses it of the principle according to which man is said to interpret all things (not God merely) through himself. He had no idea how to interpret the warning. 217+8 sentence examples: 1. It is a judge’s duty to interpret the law. In view of the apparent unity of the entire work, the only possible explanation seems to be that the book was written at first all in Hebrew, but for the convenience of the general reader whose vernacular was Aramaic, a translation, possibly from the same pen as the original, was made into king to great political prominence, owing to his extraordinary God given ability to interpret dreams. Many people interpret this to mean a combination of civil unrest and earth changes, with the latter being responsible for the ensuing war. petiole of the leaf is more difficult to interpret. Uncertain how to interpret the response, Deidre shook her head and faced the portal. Blair and Todd supporters will comb through OLTL spoilers looking for any hints, teases or suggestions that their couple is likely to share screen time and interpret it accordingly. How to use interpret in a sentence. Direct eye contact with a threatening dog should be avoided, as the dog may interpret that as aggression. Remember that sarcasm can be hard to interpret when it's in a written form. blessed with fortune we can interpret it as hardship. But these standards proved inadequate to the emergency, for it was possible, especially by the use of the allegorical method, to interpret them in more than one way, and their apostolic origin and authority were not everywhere admitted. 3. 423. To interpret this vertigo, appeal must be made to disturbances, other than cerebellar, which likewise occasion vertigo. What tribal men report and what ethnographers interpret can differ. Descartes occasionally had not scrupled to interpret the Scriptures according to his own tenets, while still maintaining, when their letter contradicted him, that the Bible was not meant to teach the sciences. And idealism in some cases may interpret itself in favour of pantheism rather than of theism. He basically stated that each person must open his or her inner consciousness in order to personally interpret the meanings. Boolean isAlphaPremultiplied specifies how to interpret color and alpha samples in pixel values. Seeberg to interpret Duns Scotus as the forerunner of Luther in his emphasis on the prac tical. - (i.) Despite its role to interpret local parent opinion on the provision of schools, there is no intention to make it locally accountable. Point of Exclusion: When prospective employers interpret objective lines literally, the information provided can be a point of exclusion. Keep this in mind as you interpret flirting signals and know which signals to take seriously and which to let pass you by. This moment nap, you will have a dream. interpretation (countable) An act of interpreting or explaining what is obscure; a translation; a version; a construction. Very experienced dancers can interpret this list of steps, but beginning dancers and those unfamiliar with the names of these dance steps will find the list to be as understandable as a foreign language you never saw before. It introduces accounting terminology and develops the ability to analyze and interpret financial reports including income statements and balance sheets. If the RB1 gene change/deletion is not identified in either parent, then the results can be more difficult to interpret. Typically, this is the most difficult of the psychic gifts to interpret because the information is almost all symbolic in nature. Home- Example sentences use "interpret" in a sentence The old woman couldn't speak English, so her grandchildren had to interpretfor her. Instead it is more of a "descriptive" language, laying out first a framework for the web browser to interpret and then defining the elements within that framework as well as their appearance. | To apprehend and represent by means of art; to show by illustrative representation | (intransitive) To act as an interpreter. One of the tests by which Fichte discriminates the value of previous systems is the adequateness with which they interpret moral experience. According to Hahn it is a participial from shkyipoij, " I understand," signifying "he who knows" the native language; others interpret it with less probability as "the rock-dweller," from shkep, shkip, N. Tertullian early in the 3rd century testifies that glossolaly still went on in the Montanist Church which he had joined; for we must so interpret the following passage in his De anima, cap. Because the chart was not drawn correctly, the data is hard to interpret. Inability to interpret the body's hunger signals accurately due to early experiences of inappropriate feeding. How to use interpret in a sentence. In view of this difficulty, it was claimed that the apostles had appointed the bishops as their successors, and that the latter were in possession of special divine grace enabling them to transmit and to interpret without error the teaching of the apostles committed to them. Because the chart was not drawn correctly, the data is hard to interpret . It would be possible so to interpret" king "or" anointed "in some Psalms, e.g. They have even tried to interpret the long struggle between Fredegond and Brunhilda as a rivalry between the two kings of Neustria and Austrasia. 3. Example Sentences for "interpret" The government's failure to pass the bill is widely interpreted as a personal defeat for the PresidentThe old woman couldn't speak English, so her grandchildren had to interpret for her. What approaches do we take to work out what's being said? Medical Coding: This job has to do with making sure what's on the paperwork at the doctor's office matches up with the way the insurance companies will interpret the claims. The record of the signals given by this instrument was an undulating line of fine perforations or spots, and the character and succession of the undulations were used to interpret the signals desired to be sent. 32), and also (as explained above) interpreting wrongly Ex. The high court decided that a judge should interpret the claims. A projective test asks a child to interpret some ambiguous stimuli, such as a series of inkblots. I have a question related to an example sentence below. In giving greater prominence to events of religious importance and to their bearing upon the spiritual needs of contemporaries they view and interpret the past in a particular light, and will see in the past those growths which only in their own time have become mature. How do you interpret this sentence? How are we to interpret imagery and artifacts from the past in a contemporary context? inflorescence structure is unique in Cyperaceae but difficult to interpret due to its reduced nature. Although there are several morphological features in the three genera of Gnetales which might seem to bring them into line with the Angiosperms, it is usual to regard these resemblances as parallel developments along distinct lines rather than to interpret them as evidence of direct relationship. (Paris, 1885), interpret these and most other Cypriote materials without reserve as " Phoenician.". Many beginning students learning German may use an online translator to quickly interpret a word, so they may use it in a setting or sentence immediately. Use the context clues surrounding the word to interpret its meaning. There is no way Joseph could interpret dreams without God giving him the interpret dreams without God giving him the interpretation. (countable) A sense given by an interpreter; an exposition or explanation given; meaning. Your doctor will tell you how to interpret the results. The trick to effectively using achievement testing for homeschooling is to interpret your child's scores and results correctly. Physical science is occupied in endeavouring to decipher the divine ideas which find realization in our limited experience, in trying to interpret the divine language of which natural things are the words and letters, and in striving to bring human conceptions into harmony with the divine thoughts. In both.versions, the heathen astrologers make the first attempt to solve the difficulty, which results in failure, whereupon the pious Israelite, being summoned to the royal presence, in both cases through the friendly intervention of a court official, triumphantly explains the mystery to the king's satisfaction (cf. But this moment study,[] you will, 28. And instead of interpreting the other articles in harmony done; but its practical value was trifling. But the attempt to interpret, in terms of this Asiatic diagram, the actual distribution of dialects and peoples in European Greece, led to difficulties. The government's failure to pass the bill is widely interpreted as a … Nearly all travellers in the north of Africa mention the Hardhon of the Arabs (Agama stellio), which is extremely common, and has drawn upon itself the hatred of the Mahommedans by its habit of nodding its head, which they interpret as a mockery of their own movements whilst engaged in prayer. Examples of interpret in a sentence. We are leaving it open for schools to interpret the brief in the way that is most appropriate for them. CK 2087364 This law can be interpreted in many ways. The claim of authority to interpret is the greatest lie and has caused the greatest travesties upon the people.. Now, let us grant that when scientists engage entities that cannot be weighed and measured they often flounder, project, and interpret from the human perspective.. Interpret each card's meaning in relation to its position in the spread and which other cards appear with it. The possibility of these phenomena should be borne in mind when attempts are made to interpret the structure of crystalline bodies in terms of the theory of equilibrium. It was clear Gabriel's instincts about his inability to trust her were right, and Gabriel had no idea how to interpret Andre's warning. AUGURS, in ancient Rome, members of a religious college whose duty it was to observe and interpret the signs (auspices) of approval or disapproval sent by the gods in reference to any proposed undertaking. Speaking generally, it has been found that the East as opposed to the West has undergone relatively little alteration in the principal constituents of dress among the bulk of the population, and, although it is often difficult to interpret or explain some of the details as represented (one may contrast, for example, worn sculptures or seals with the vivid Egyptian paintings), comparison with later descriptions and even with modern usage is frequently suggestive. In the same way we interpret X-P!4 as meaning I/XP14. However, he also revealed that none of these extra symbols had one unchangeable meaning, so in essence there is no wrong way to interpret them. Uncertain how to interpret the response, Deidre shook her head and faced the portal. Sentence with the word interpret. : Sometimes an official may be present to interpret and assist, but the onus still is on the player. A radiologist, who is a physician trained to interpret diagnostic x rays, examines the pictures and reports to the doctor who ordered the tests. 3. You have to try and interpret what you believe to be the person's taste, and hopefully come up with something that will make them happy. On the trip, we needed a guide to interpret the foreign language for us. Without sufficient external and independent evidence wherewith to interpret in the light of history the internal features of the intricate narratives, any reconstruction would naturally be hazardous, and all attempts must invariably be considered in the light of the biblical evidence itself, the date of the Israelite exodus, and the external conditions. He instituted the flamens (sacred priests) of Jupiter, Mars and Quirinus; the virgins of Vesta, to keep the sacred fire burning on the hearth of the city; the Salii, to guard the shield that fell from heaven; the pontifices and augurs, to arrange the rites and interpret the will of the gods; he also divided the handicraftsmen into nine gilds.

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