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A significant disadvantage is the accumulation of precipitation on a flat surface without a slope. Although, many designers offer such constructive solutions as an original way of emphasizing a house among similar houses on the street. The main classification of roofs constitutes according to the shape and number of slopes. The high cost of land in the city, the desire to have a green corner in walking distance and the possibilities of the modern market of materials and plants for organizing similar oases on the roofs promote such initiatives. This time we will show some designs that might suit you. One of the advantages of this roofing is that the maximum angle of inclination is not normalized, and the minimum is 15 degrees; Profiled sheeting is rarely used as a permanent material to cover private houses (mainly, it is used for farm buildings, garages). This bungalow house plan includes 1 kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. This one roof type tends to be simpler, its shape is a pyramid. The roof is one part of the house that serves as a protector from exposure to the sun, rain, to the threat of danger from outside the building. The angle of incline must be at least 12 degrees; the maximum value is not limited; Bitumen slate is used infrequently and with a slope of at least 5 degrees. These 11 examples of some of South Africa’s most beautiful houses show how much diversity and style exists and how you truly can find a dream home that suits your needs and wants. This type of roof has 4 sides, where the slope of each side of the slope is very steep. But even a very slight slant is not an option, the wind can penetrate through the overlap joints and disrupt the structure, which is called from within. But this is becoming a popular idea today because the houses are smaller and usually more eco-friendly, wind resistant, and able to withstand higher degrees of natural disasters too. offers 198 beautiful house roof design products. The main influence on the choice of the construction type be the weather conditions in the area – there is no sense in constructing a roof with a slight slope in places with a lot of precipitation in the winter (snow will accumulate and subsequently destroy the structure). The slope is the roof skew by more than ten degrees. In order to ensure that the roof is a reliable protection for the building against any manifestations of weather, it is necessary to take into account the angle of inclination of the slope(s) when choosing the roofing material: Slate or wavy asbestos-cement sheets – the coating can be used with a roof slope of 13 to 60 degrees. It plays a major role in the structure of a house, as well as its exterior aesthetic. The shape will make your home more beautiful and elegant. In a special group of roofing materials, it is possible to distinguish double-glazed windows and sheets of tempered glass, from which a part of the roof is often made. By type of bias, all roofs are divided into sloped and flat. Oct 29, 2015 - Beautiful roofs. The next roof model is a saddle, this model is the most common in Indonesia. The roof is one part of the house that serves as a protector from exposure to the sun, rain, to the threat of danger from outside the building. It is capable of withstanding large wind loads; Hip roof with arc-shaped slope (by pagoda type) is infrequent type because of the complexity of manufacturing. The shape of the terraced roof with the lower part protrudes out which serves to block the entry of excessive sunlight. Example of a large trendy gray one-story stucco flat roof design in Los Angeles I like how the back of this house (glass walls) open up into the outdoor seating area. With the correct materials and careful attention paid to water run off, flat roofs have little in the way of potential pitfalls. Nov 17, 2016 - Check the photos of some 35 most affordable and simple design that you can pattern your dream house. If we talk about the global division of roofs into types, the main criteria are: It is the right choice of these three components that will help create a truly reliable, durable and strong coating of building that can withstand all the nuances of climatic conditions. They discovered that this old house has good quality Indian clay roof tiles, hence the architect decided to apply it as a façade screen to reduce the morning and afternoon sun. The edges are made to invert or slope down towards the center slightly. beautiful house roof design – the embodiment of traditional korean architecture inside and out Beautiful roofs of houses are a long tradition of Korean architecture. Beautiful Green Roof House Design With House Plan Details 82 s.q.m The bright, rich color of the roof will help create a truly unique image of your architectural structure. The next roof of the house is a tent model. This roof can also give a different feel to your home. Of course, it will also protect your home from various disturbances as it should. If you want to use this roofing model, we recommend that you combine it with other types of roofs such as pyramid, saddles or pyramids. In this home, when the client wanted to update their existing small home to accommodate their family of five, the architects decided to expand the house at the rear. The colour and material of the roof complement the structural integrity of a building. There are also more complex designs, equipped with combined slants – multi-hinged and hipped roofs. In order to determine the magnitude of the slope, specialists use special calculation formulas and graphs. Be sure to check out our 100+ private house roofs beautiful design ideas full of trendy and practical real-life projects’ photos. THAT house is beautiful contemporary home built around the concept of open house design.

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