difference between instructional media and instructional method

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Although no one medium is better than another, a particular medium is normally better in certain situations. Another example is an elearning platform with several types of media within it, such as videos, readings, and simulations incorporated into it. ���2�L��� e����� ��d�p��q��X�s����M������E��8�.�i�� ����� r!3�d��P�т�����L `��� b�h�2�LPYJB�?���$ ��f`T�� �8�����+��CG%[�����[��62�3�`عҀC��0��60D0�0�1p��t�1.P�. Instructional Material: These materials are usually step-oriented. Tell me, I forget, Show me, I remember, Involve me, I understand. 1. Media are the replicable “means”, forms, or vehicles by which instruction is formatted, stored, and delivered to the learner (Schwen, 1977). • meaningful connections between skills and ideas, and real-life situations • opportunities to be independent and show what they know • encouragement to self-monitor and self-correct • tools for reflecting on and assessing own learning. instructional methods, personalities and learning styles. This, in effect, means that learning resources are not selected haphazardly (Azikiwe, 2007). google_ad_channel = ""; A learning style refers to the preferred method in which an individual likes to engage with, assimilate, understand, or remember information. This is an incredibly important question especially in higher education where most faculty are experts in their field but have little to no formal instructional-design education or instructional-design experience. Greenwich, Connecticut: Information Age Publishing. 0000002367 00000 n Central to this failure of instructional design is our methodology of design. As you’ll see in this article, TAs and IMs work together to reach teaching goals. 0000002445 00000 n Adjective (en adjective) Intended for purposes of instruction, for teaching. The correct answer is: Tutoring → Instructional Method, HTML or Web page material → Instructional Media, Lecture → Instructional Method, Computer → Instructional Media, Interactive Multimedia → Instructional Media, Programmed Instruction → Instructional Method Dr Richards responds: All instructional designs for the teaching of a second or foreign language draw on a number of sources for the principles and practices they advocate. �tq�X)I)B>==���� �ȉ��9. I call these four architectures: receptive, directive, guided discovery, and exploratory. Media, strategies, and methods are the various tools that not only deliver the instruction, but also foster the acquisition of performance. What is the difference between an approach and a method? 0000000016 00000 n This may include traditional materials such as chalkboards, handouts, charts, slides, overheads, real objects, and videotape or film, as well newer materials and methods… A method is a plan for presenting the language material to be learned and should be based upon a selected approach. Learning strategies basically encompass the entire spectrum of a learning environment, to include processes, such as media, methods, technologies, and styles. Dictionaries don’t define Instructional materials clearly. Review instructional goals, objectives, audience and instructional strategy Determine the best medium for your lesson components Search for and review existing media/materials Adapt existing media/materials if necessary If new media/materials need to be developed: Determine format, script, visuals, etc. For example, Keller's Personalized of Instruction (PSI) is normally presented in text, which is the medium. Our limited success in The terms educational technology and instructional may seem compatible, but they have important subtle differences. Learning from Media: Arguments, Analysis, and Evidence. Instructional Media - MGMP 3 often called a chalkboard; it may be green instead of black and made of slate, glass, or wood. Created June 1, 1999. Instructional material or media is a devices which present a complete body of imformation and largely self-supporting rather than supplementary in the teaching learning process while teachers aid are … So, what about Instructional Design and learning styles? The strategies and methods that will best promote the intended learning are normally selected first , and then the media that will best deliver the learning platform are selected (Clark 2001). AV Communication Reviews, 25, 35-79. Educational technology is a broader term that focuses on any tool that serve schools, students, parents, and more. Instructional theory “offers explicit guidance on how to better help people learn and develop” (Reigeluth, 1999; also, see Wikipedia’s article on Instructional Theory). %PDF-1.4 %���� Definition of Instructional Media: Modes of communication in which teaching take place, such as instruction by face-to-face interaction, lessons by radio, deployment of curricula or interactive learning via the Internet, and so forth. E-Learning Concepts and Techniques. The steps may be bulleted or numbered. Instructional media encompasses all the materials and physical means an instructor might use to implement instruction and facilitate students' achievement of instructional objectives. On the other hand, a strategy is more of a comprehensive plan of action designed to achieve a major goal. Thus it is wise to know you media constraints, so you can plan the methods accordingly. Seels and R.C. A degree in instructional design is different than a degree in instructional technology. They may also serve as the motivation on the teaching- learning process. google_ad_format = "300x250_as"; There are hundreds of variations. 1.1 INTRODUCTION That's because what makes good instruction isn't the medium; it's the instructional methods that guide the way the medium is used. It is also here that the program matches the level of skill and intelligence that each student/participant shows. Systems involve relationships, conditions, processes, causes, effects and feedback. Instructional Design — Media, Strategies, & Methods. However, you must know your constraints. Four instructional architectures. Media are the replicable “means”, forms, or vehicles by which instruction is formatted, stored, and delivered to the learner (Schwen, 1977). The ASSURE Model places the focus on the learner and the overall outcome of accomplishing learning objectives. So, it might be helpful for teachers to select more appropriate model for integrating technological gadgets into their teaching. Instructional methods are kinds of instructional ways or activities used to guide the facilitation of learning in each phase of the instructional process. hޔ��J1�{�"G=�i>�L�ˊx>�����|}3;�,2"�%���vw���#lt� 2��D)�S�s�L�Ќ��=�����|�^�C�7L�9��ܺm���,�{���3I S�~>��������^6R��������;*�u�a5F����D���rF� �n|� Instructional Media - MGMP 3 often called a chalkboard; it may be green instead of black and made of slate, glass, or wood. From the above description, there is nearly no differences between instructional media and teaching aids. //-->. Instead of treating the distance delivery technology as a facilitator of the chosen instructional strategies, many who engage in such comparisons treat the medium (Webbased instruction, for example) as the strategy itself. to communicate ideas to others; you should also use a variety of media to aid in the transfer of learning. However, the traditional separation of TAs and IMs is superficial and needs revision. Media. Learning methods are the conditions which can be implemented to foster the acquisition of competence (Glaser, 1976). Draft materials and media Check for clarity and flow of ideas Conduct formative … Draft materials and media Check for clarity and flow of ideas Conduct formative … What is Instructional Media? In education, as in ecosystems, this is done somewhat arbitrarily. 0000001571 00000 n Methods are the instructional techniques that facilitate learning. Although ADDIE is more traditional while Agile works well in today's fast-paced working environments, both methods are highly valued and widely applied. x�b```f``���$�33 �0+P���C��wp�ah���� ���c�C�� �"��,t�s:X$�zha�B�돕S�m�g�������]Es�kMi��n}k�(��lC&��G8�/(z�TqP�(���q��rE6�2PD��*Hܴ$x�. Schwen, T. 1977. ~ Email me at donclark@nwlink.com, Learning from Media: Arguments, Analysis, and Evidence, http://iit.bloomu.edu/Spring2006_eBook_files/ebook_spring2006.pdf. 0 His method differentiated between the activity of the teacher / the learning media vs. the activity of the learner.

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