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For the best flowers, select large, firm hyacinth bulbs that haven't started to sprout. You need sterile potting soil and special bulb pots, ideally made of clay. Our Prepared ‘Delft Blue’ will fill your home with beautiful blooms and an intoxicating fragrance. Put pots in a cool, dark place, such as a garage or shed for about ten weeks to allow the roots to grow. Press it down lightly to evenly cover the bottom of the pot. Plant your bulbs 10cm (4in) deep and about 7.5cm (3in) apart. Place the hyacinth bulbs, pointed end up, into the material in the bottom of the pot. There should be a gap of 2 cm between adjacent specimens and the walls of the pot. In pots, you can plant your bulbs closer than you do in the garden. If the soil hyacinth bulbs are planted in holds water they may rot over winter. Place your pot in a cool, dark cupboard for 6-8 weeks. How to plant bulbs in a pot. 10-12cm apart. Successfully growing hyacinths for Christmas is a straightforward process, as long as you give the bulbs the right treatment. Keep cool for roughly 4 weeks, or until the hyacinth's root system has developed in the water of the jar and growth from the top of … For a bold display plant at least 3 to 5 bulbs in a pot using a peat-free multi-purpose compost, you can also mix in some perlite to improve drainage. For container planting, use a soil-based compost (e.g. After two to three weeks of indirect sunlight, the shoots should be 3 to 5 inches high. The University of Minnesota Extension recommends going with a bulb that is both firm and free of any mold or mildew growth. John Innes No.2). You can protect the container from frost damage in winter by wrapping with bubble plastic. Your email address will not be published. First you have to buy ‘forced’ or ‘prepared’ bulbs – these are hyacinths that have been heat treated so they will flower early. Taylors Bulbs Blue Hyacinths Delft Bowl (DP12) ... 6x Small Green 18cm Round Plastic Garden Bulb Bowl Storage Grow Tub Pot. … Cover with soil and lightly firm in without treading which risks damaging the growing tips. Keep it simple by planting a variety on its own or several of the same variety packed closely together for a bumper show. They can add beautiful blooms to the home as early as late November/Early December. Our Prepared Hyacinths are treated in a special way through a cooling process to trick them to believe that winter has been and gone and it is time to grow. The flowers bloom in the spring. Select a sunny area of the bed with well-draining soil. Potted bulbs aren't frost hardy, so bring the pot indoors or protect the plant with bubble wrap. Hyacinth bulbs grow well in most soil types, but need good drainage to keep bulbs from rotting. Cool t… Hyacinths bloom in the spring, but their bulbs take a long time to establish roots, which means they should be planted in autumn. Required fields are marked *. Press the soil down firmly. Plant the bulbs in the autumn 3-4 inches (7.5-10 cm) deep and 3 inches (7.5 cm) apart. Why not fill your home this winter with the sweet smell of beautiful Hyacinth flowers? You can even use the fibrous material that is around the outside of the bulbs in place of growing medium. Plant hyacinth bulbs in pots indoors in October to have beautiful flowering plants by early spring. If bulbs go short of water at this point, they might be stunted. Planting In Pots. Search our blog for tips, tutorials and the top varieties of the season. It is easy to grow hyacinth in the pot, but you should keep in mind the following things. Since hyacinth varieties have different growing and blooming times, mixing them in the same pot is not recommended. Q How late can I plant grape hyacinths? Add potting soil to the pot to cover all but the top point of the bulbs. 10cm deep. Amend your soil with organic matter prior to planting to increase the drainage. Buy heat-treated or ‘prepared’ bulbs for indoor displays, and then plant them in pots of peat-free multi-purpose compost, so the bulb tips sit just above the surface. It might seem a quick solution to fill your container with soil from your garden, but it’s better to use a mix of potting soil and sandy soil to mimic the ground the bulbs came from. By layering bulbs as shown here, you will get colour from lots of different flowers. The pots do not need to have drainage holes. They then need up to 10 weeks in cold, but frost-free (preferably 4-5°C/40-42°F), dark conditions to produce their flower buds and flower properly. Keep them at a steady temperature of 35 to 45 degrees F. If your winter temperatures typically don't fall below 25 F, you can place the covered pots outside during the colder months. Hyacinths won’t grow well in soil that is constantly wet, so it’s important to select an area that drains properly. Plant your hyacinth bulbs the same depth and width apart as if you were planting in a border, 4 inches (10cm) deep, and a 3 inch (7.5cm) gap between them. They grow indoors and outdoors, and provide a brilliant display of color when they bloom. Growing hyacinth at home begins with planting the bulbs in a pot. Plants like crocus, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, iris and snowdrop are all very popular and will thrive in your containers with the right care. Plant the bulbs (pointed end up) at approx. container, 9 for 10-inch … How to plant Almost fill an 8cm (3in) pot with moist bulb fibre, and then push a bulb in gently to half its depth. The plants are small, and pair well in containers with other small bloomers like pansies or even grass. You can plant them in March, once the soil warms up, or you can save the bulbs until September and then plant them out.Plant bulbs in autumn, pointy side up. Plant at least 10cm deep and approx. Site the pots in full sun and keep them well watered, especially in early spring, about three to four weeks before flowering. Click here to view our video tutorial on Indoor Hyacinth planting. Some gardeners opt for one or two blooms, while others layer bulbs in pots to enjoy a range of different colours blooming at different times throughout the spring. As one of the most popular indoor flowering bulbs on the market, these beautiful star-shaped blooms are well-loved by gardeners for adding a burst of colour and fragrance to the home, even as early as Christmas. Once the bulbs have sprouted, move them to indirect sunlight. 4.4 out of 5 stars 26. Optimum planting time is between September and October for most bulbs, or late October and November for tulips. Cover the pots with paper grocery sacks or black plastic trash bags to keep them from the light. Press the soil down gently around the bulbs. For outdoor-grown hyacinths, plant bulbs 10cm deep in moist but well-drained soil, in a sunny spot, in autumn. How to grow hyacinths in pots Several hyacinths can be grown in a large pot at once. How to Plant Muscari Bulbs in Pots Grape hyacinth, also called Muscari, grows bunches of tiny, delicate blue flowers that give off a faint grape-like smell. Hyacinths grow 8-12″ tall. Plant your hyacinth bulbs in full sun to partial shade. Narcissus ‘Tete-a-tete’ Narcissus ‘Tete-a-Tete’ is one of the most popular daffodils for containers – … Place a 2-inch layer of growing medium, such as compost or potting soil, in the pot. If you bought normal hyacinth bulbs for garden planting they would flower in spring. Plant bulbs of the same type in each pot. These early 'prepared' bulbs are heat treated in a special way to 'trick' them into blooming a little earlier and bringing their gorgeous scent to the christmas table. When planting hyacinth bulbs in pots, use wide, shallow pots of terracotta or plastic. Don't expose the pots to light during the chilling period to prevent the bulbs from sprouting too early. Numbers will vary with the size of your bulbs, but this should equal about 7 bulbs for an 8-inch (20.5 cm.) Bring an abundance of fragrant and colourful blooms into the home this winter with this fantastic collection of Hyacinths. A Muscari bulbs planted in September and early October had leaves all through the winter and produced the best display of flowers, lasting for five weeks at full flower, towards the back end of March. For winter displays indoors, you have to buy specially prepared hyacinth bulbs, and plant them in pots in late summer or early autumn. Place your pot in a cool, dark cupboard for 6-8 weeks. Water when required, do not allow them to dry out. Through this process, this makes these Hyacinths perfect for early forcing and indoor flowering. 10cm deep. Choose a cool, dark place for your bulb. If planting just one layer of bulbs, plant at the same depth as you would in the garden – at a depth of twice their height at least (a minimum of 3 inches). When planting, amend the soil with plenty of compost to help keep soil loose and well drained. Planting several pots in the autumn will really give your patio the wow factor in spring. Hyacinths (Hyacinthus) are a colorful, fragrant variety of bulb-grown plant, cultivated primarily in Holland and England. Keep the soil damp but not soaking wet until the bulbs sprout. Add more fibre, up to the neck of the bulbs. You have two options. A cheerful container of spring bulbs is an easy way to create a splash of colour. Select a Proper Pot. Hyacinths are naturally spring flowering bulbs but with a bit of care about their planting, their season can be extended to start at Christmas and continue right through until May. This vibrant selection includes five each of Delft Blue, Aiolos (white), City of Haarlem (yellow), Woodstock (purple), Jan Bos (red), and Fondant (pink). How to Grow Daffodils in Containers to Bloom Inside in March, Old Farmer's Almanac: Growing Hyacinth and Muscari, University of Minnesota Extension: Growing Bulbs Indoors. Because you purchased your hyacinth bulbs early in the year, they must be properly stored until fall planting time. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To test this, soak the soil in the area that you are thinking of watering, and check to see if the water has drained 5-6 hours later. Raise the large container to improve drainage by placing it on ‘pot feet’ or bricks. The potted bulbs will add a touch of warmth to your living room and you can also plant them outdoors in a pot or planter. Label each of your pots with plant type and the planting date if you plant multiple varieties of bulbs. Planting Guide Plant bulb with the pointed end facing upwards. After potted bulbs have flowered they can be planted in the garden. Like most fall-planted bulbs hyacinths are easy to grow; however, they require soil that drains well. Hyacinth bulbs can irritate your skin, so do wear gloves to handle them. Plant the bulbs (pointed end up) at approx. How to Grow a Hyacinth in a Pot Start With a Bulb. At that point, you can place the pots in a sunny window or porch where they will get full sunlight and begin to grow and display the best flowers. Water each pot of bulbs thoroughly; the bulbs must remain moist to grow correctly. Plant your bulbs to a depth of 10cm (4"), spacing them 8cm (3") apart. Once shoots have established, bring the pot into warm daylight. Choose the … As with all spring bulbs, hyacinths sprout, bloom, and start to fade into dormancy before deciduous trees fully leaf out, so you don't have to worry about too much shade from nearby trees. The hyacinth 'White Pearl' (Hyacinthus orientalis) is as radiant as a pearl, indoors or outdoors. Bulbs in pots If you want a great patio display, try growing bulbs in pots. Press them gently into the growing medium. Hyacinth are early bloomers that bloom in late winter or early spring, depending on your hardiness zone. The bulbs should be close together and close to the sides of the pot, but without touching anything. Place the covered pots in a cold location, such as an unheated garage or basement, for 12 to 14 weeks. Begin gradually exposing the pots to light after the chilling period is completed to wake the bulbs. When planting hyacinth bulbs in pots, use wide, shallow pots of terracotta or plastic. As long as the soil is moist, you don’t need to water your bulbs in. Place the hyacinth bulb and vase in a cool and dark area (40-55º F), such as your garage or refrigerator. The glistening, pure white blooms of Hyacinth ‘Aiolos’ will brighten the home this winter. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Showcasing tightly packed, porcelain blue, star-shaped blooms, these sweetly-scented floral spikes bring joy on any dull winter day. With their broader base and less height than standard planting pots, these pots are specifically designed with top-heavy forced bulbs in mind. Potting hyacinth bulbs Griffin24 / Getty Images. For one plant, a container with a diameter of 8–9 cm and a height of 15 cm is sufficient. Even so, they shouldn’t touch each other or the sides of the pot. Then, water whenever the soil dries out. For the best flowers, select large, firm hyacinth bulbs that haven't started to sprout. Container grown hyacinths are not difficult to grow. Add more fibre, up to the neck of the bulbs. For garden planting (beds, borders), plant in well-drained soil. Add crocks to the bottom of a pot or container. With densely packed clusters of highly fragrant flowers, this variety is perfect for creating an elegant and scented table centre for special occasions, or can be used to create a beautiful cut flower bouquet. Through this guide, we will provide an easy step-by-step instructions (including video tutorial) on how to grow these specially prepared indoor-flowering Hyacinths. The Old Farmer's Almanac lists hyacinths as growing best in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 3 through 9. Growing tulips in pots or containers – soil and planting Planting time for pots and containers is the same as for your garden: Fall. Grow several (at least three/five) bulbs in a container for bolds displays. Bulbs should not be planted close to each other.

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